FEer Game!

I don’t think this idea is about or for Flat Earthers in particular, but its based off of the argument.

Using strips of card:

  • Four single pieces
  • Four conjoined pieces

Arranged in a half circle.

Each player takes a turn by moving one end of one piece of card. The turn end once that end has moved. The aim is to be the first player with 6 pieces in a line. 

  • The cards may overlap once if needed. If there is already an over lap there can’t be a second.
  • The elbow of the conjoined cards can be moved and both pieces will change to move with it.


Playing with Perspective

The most common argument I found that came from flat earthers was against perspective. The FEers most commonly rely on their senses, especially sight. If you have a good enough camera you can still see the hull of a boat sailing off into the horizon, you can’t see the curvature of the earth from an aeroplane so what proof do we have, right?

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Phaser Game

Here’s the link:


I didn’t get the audio working how I wanted, where it would change depending on what planet it was close to. So it’s just some music beginning from the start of the game.

I ended up making a pretty useless game, but oh well.