After Dark Game Reflection

It’s almost time to hand in the game and I have run into a lot of trouble due to time constraints. I have been very overly ambitious with my game and spent to much time polishing my animations, collisions and text.

Because of this, I didn’t get to spend time on my game mechanics:

  • the ending of level 1 is not there.
  • My idea to have a start scene in-game, where Vit is in the grave and is woken by Baby D, was too hard for me to implement in time.
  • I wanted to create another level, where the idea of separation is shown.

Kenny is the first example of this, where you can’t talk to him in ghost mode. The idea for Vit is to show her loneliness, like Maes loneliness in Night in the Woods. I wanted the game to build on this, through dialogue. Because of this the quest of the game does take a step back.

My intentions for this game were for it to be narrative heavy exploration game. This was hard to show through the game I submitted and the trailer, so I showed my intention for the mood of the game; which I think shows the existential dread that Vit develops throughout the game.

I play tested the game with a few people, and now I understand that its not a game for many people. I got mixed reviews, from really great and interesting to hard to understand the point. I think if I got to keep working on it, I would make the opening scenes much more in depth and explanatory to why Vit was there. I would also make it more interactive, with different platforms and more characters. I didn’t get to show my final character, Lewis, who become important to Vit because she is also a ghost and has different views on their shared existence.

My characters were all based off children’s picture books:

  • Baby D. is based off Duck, Death and the Tulip by Wolf Erlbruch.
  • Kenny is based off Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak (Kenny is the name if the main character from Sendaks first book).
  • Lewis is based of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. (Lewis is taken off the authors pseudonym.)

All these books deal with themes of Death, sleep and imagination, which definitely plays on the themes of the games. I hope this explains why my game is not as finished as it could be, but also my intentions for this game.



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