Super Meat Boy: The Hero, the Princess and the Run & Jump


If you wanted to play a great modern 2D Platformer, then Super Meat Boy is a recommended one. It’s setup is classic and recognizable, the hero Meat Boy must save Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus. It may seem tired, which is the reason I wasn’t really interested in the game. But, the game play is amazing, super challenging to maneuver and causes a little stress sweating.

The game play is hard. There are only 3 controls and a million ways the developers can obstruct you. There are no checkpoints but you can retry a level as many times as you want, before you rage quit. It’s fun because you can finish a level and re watch your multiple (MULTIPLE) attempts and its fun because there is an element of gross-ness and you watch the blood pile up on the blades and spikes.

It’s definitely a dude-bro game. The cut scene animation is simple and dated and the premise is as well. The mechanics are great – Meat Boy is weighted well and the acceleration feels natural, adding to the addictive, adrenaline fueled nature of the game.

supermeatboy-boss 1

The game pays homage to cult icons of the 2D platformer genre, such as Donkey Kong (Weibe) and Street Fighter II. Despite having a basic story to follow and rudimentary animations, Super Meat Boy is super fun and super challenging. This puts it up with the classics it parodies and it earns the title. I didn’t find it interesting, but that is personal preference and after playing I understood why its a recommended game and would play again with a friend.


(ps. If you couldn’t tell, Meat Boy, Bandage girl and Dr. Fetus)



  1. Meat Boy is definitely a blast to play. It may not be the type of game I play for hours on end, but I find myself going back to it regularly for short bursts of platforming goodness!

    That said, would you like to share your articles in our FB group? We’re a growing community of gaming bloggers and we’re always looking for more writers to share their work and discuss all things gaming. Just search for “Game Bloggers United” on Facebook. 😀


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