First Game Treatment for Values at Play

Digital Design [Values at Play]

1.Give your game a title:


After Dark

The Gap

2. Game Story Abstract – Consider the characters, location, objective, challenges, protagonist, antagonistic force. What is motivating the player? Is there a genre?

With my game I am aiming to focus on narrative and character. The game is set in a town, starting out in the outskirts where we will meet the player character and the tutorial character. I want the game to be a 2D platformer adventure mystery.

The protagonist, Vit (This name will be given by the tutorial character, it will be carved into the tree beside the grave; is also a Czechoslovakian name for “full of life”.) I wanted a gender neutral of masculine name, because my character design is very simple and has little feminine or masculine attributes.

Vit, has just been woken up by [tutorial characters] from her grave, which has been dug up. [Tutorial character] informs her that her skull has been stolen and that without it, her spirit will rise as reaction to her grave being “defiled”.

The antagonist will be a museum curator; we find out later that humans have been extinct but not for long. The price and value of human bodies skyrocketed as they died out, which is the reason for grave digging.

3. Appearance. Consider the location, environment, texture, colour, lighting, architecture, time period, historical influences, props,

The colour palette for the game will be dark and gloomy, especially in the first level. As we go further into the city, there will be more fluorescent colours and lighting but I want it to remain “dingy” and polluted. I don’t have a specific time period, but the game suggests that human influence/culture is still prominent in the creatures who have taken their place.

My main aesthetic influences are:

  • Nighthawks (Edward Hopper)
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Tekkonkinkreet

4. Player Roles and Actions. Player objective, what do they want to achieve and through what actions are they going to attain this.

Her aim is to find out who took her skull and why. Further along the storyline, I want to introduce ideas such as loneliness, isolation, communication and identity using cut scenes and dialogue.


  • Character Interaction
  • Puzzle – Solving
  • Clues

5. Strategies and Motivations. Consider player actions and ability and the consequences of these in relation to enemy, conflict, levels and rules of game.

Clues: Ability to listen in on people talking, by becoming invisible (spirit form)

Clues: From talking to specific people or completing tasks for them to gain their trust.

Vit can be trapped if caught in [visible form], which would result in game over.

An underlying motivation will be to find out what happened to the human race.

6. Level Summary Explain how many levels are in the game and describe each location visually. Use reference material and images to depict each level. Each level ends with?

  1. The Forest:

This is where we get our motivation and objective.

Dark, gloomy.

Karanlık Orman, Almanya

  1. The city entrance:

Industrial, run-down, lots of signage.


  1. The city:

Neon lights, alleyways and apartment buildings.


7. Story Progression Explain the sequencing of events. When does the player gain information Who and what is driving the plot?

  1. [Tutorial Character] basic information, Vit is human and has been dead for an unknown amount of time. The antagonist dug up her grave and took her skull. [Tutorial Character] then gives her the ability to leave her grave in a visible form and to be able to switch between her visible self and spirit self. (30 second limit on the spirit form, to create puzzles with time limits.)
  2. EAVESDROPPING: In the spirit form, Vit can gain information on where to look by listening in on peoples conversations.
  3. Talking to characters, to gain clues.

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