Game Thoughts Pt. 1

So, for my game that I’m making as part of my digital design course the scariest thing about the brief was making a game that had VALUE. I really struggled to find games that had value, a.k.a things like diversity, safety, gender equality, trust, justice etc. that I enjoyed playing. We were shown games like Layoff and Against All Odds by Games For Change, which both had great messages about humanity but were short- lived and not as involving as other games.

The games I found most interesting were games like Undertale, The Walking Dead and Night in the Woods (all of which I reviewed). They all had strong narratives and very 3 dimensional characters. This is what I wanted to re-create in my 2D platformer, I don’t know how, but personally, these games are the ones that have the most value to me.

I think showing characters that are neither good or evil, is valuable in our society. By putting characters in our stories into either the good or bad category, I think it allows us to think of each other in that way in reality.

I think because of this, my main influence is going to be Undertale. It was also made on Gamemaker, so that gives me hope. I like the dialogue especially the strange honesty of all the characters. I believe because Frisk was an unassuming character, in design and dialogue, that let the other characters show more personality. In comparison to if she had been more “heroic”, outspoken or scared. So, for my main character, I think I will do the same.



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