Vladimir Propp’s List

Propp suggests that there are 8 different character types in a story:

  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • Dispatcher
  • Donor
  • Helper
  • Person-sought-for (Princess)
  • False Protagonist

Supporting Characters:

  • Family Members
  • Connectors

The task set in class was to see if this list is applicable to our own stories. I don’t think all of these are necessary but they are helpful to push forward the story.

The Protagonist:

  • Vit – Ghost Girl, awoken from her grave because her skull was stolen.

The Antagonist:

  • The Curator – Stole the skull for their collection of human remnants. May possibly be human themselves.

The Dispatcher:

  • Baby D. – From the Death family, can see and communicate with ghosts.

The Donor:

  • Applicable to Baby D. aswell – They give Vit the ability to switch between a physical form and spirit form.

The Helper:

  • Lewis – Another ghost, but who has been wandering for a long time alone.


  • More like, knowledge-sought-for. Answers to why was the skull taken and what happened to the humans.

False Protagonist:

  • I don’t think there will be one, this isn’t really a heroic story.

Supporting Characters:

  • The extra people that Vit interacts with like Kenny, that give information and clues to said question.

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