Game Trailer – After Dark


Here is my game trailer and game!

There is a levitating ghost mode operated by the shift key and a normal mode where the arrow left and right keys move back and forth across the screen and the space bar is used to jump. NPCs are engaged with by either the Enter or Tab key, and subsequent presses continue the conversation.




Because of time restraints, my game does not have all of the complex branching in the conversations with NPCs.

Some small bugs happen randomly with the mechanics, because of the challenging nature of having 2 separate collision logic scripts, one for ghost mode and real mode, sometimes the player object sticks onto other objects.


After Dark Trailer (2017)

The Game:

After Dark Game

After Dark Game Reflection

It’s almost time to hand in the game and I have run into a lot of trouble due to time constraints. I have been very overly ambitious with my game and spent to much time polishing my animations, collisions and text.


First Dialogue Drafts

I’ve been using Freemind (a mind-mapping program) to map out my dialogue for the first scene of the game. (This is shown above)

The transcript turns into something like this:


Gone Home

Designer: Steve Gaynor

Developer(s): FullBright, Majesco Entertainment

Engine: Unity

Platforms: PS4, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Xbox One

Gone Home is perfectly set-up to be a first person exploratory horror. As you return from a year long trip overseas, you find an empty house where you expect your parents and your 18 year-old sister to be waiting for you. As the storm rages on outside and the light in the foyer flickers on ominously, you try to piece together what has happened. See, perfect. Instead and to the dismay of many, Gone Home presents us with a coming-of-age story told through clues found within the empty house.


Super Meat Boy: The Hero, the Princess and the Run & Jump


If you wanted to play a great modern 2D Platformer, then Super Meat Boy is a recommended one. It’s setup is classic and recognizable, the hero Meat Boy must save Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus. It may seem tired, which is the reason I wasn’t really interested in the game. But, the game play is amazing, super challenging to maneuver and causes a little stress sweating.


Night in the Woods

Publisher: Finji

Designer: Alec Holowka

Engine: Unity

Developer (s): Alec Holowka, Infinite Falls

Night in the Woods is a mystery/ adventure game following Mae Borowski, a disgruntled 20 year old as she returns home to her parents in Possum Springs, an old mining town. Maes intentions are to return to her previous “aimless” lifestyle: talking to her friends, band practice, doing crimes etc. But she soon notices that while she hasn’t changed, despite leaving and going to college (which she dropped out of), her friends and family have and so has the town. I would say this game is more of a graphic novel with a lot of focus on Maes own insecurities and mental health.


First Game Treatment for Values at Play

Digital Design [Values at Play]

1.Give your game a title:


After Dark

The Gap

2. Game Story Abstract – Consider the characters, location, objective, challenges, protagonist, antagonistic force. What is motivating the player? Is there a genre?

With my game I am aiming to focus on narrative and character. The game is set in a town, starting out in the outskirts where we will meet the player character and the tutorial character. I want the game to be a 2D platformer adventure mystery.

The protagonist, Vit (This name will be given by the tutorial character, it will be carved into the tree beside the grave; is also a Czechoslovakian name for “full of life”.) I wanted a gender neutral of masculine name, because my character design is very simple and has little feminine or masculine attributes.

Vit, has just been woken up by [tutorial characters] from her grave, which has been dug up. [Tutorial character] informs her that her skull has been stolen and that without it, her spirit will rise as reaction to her grave being “defiled”.

The antagonist will be a museum curator; we find out later that humans have been extinct but not for long. The price and value of human bodies skyrocketed as they died out, which is the reason for grave digging.